xSTDx Clan
October 2009 - October 2010

xSTDx Clan

October 2009- OCTOBER 2010

xSTDx Clan History

xSTDx was originally created in October 2009, It was a clan created immediately after the break up of The clan 'FTS', 3 members from xSTDx had been in FTS prior to the split.

The name xSTDx was provided by Beckie's Dad (dudleys finest), although was in jest we went ahead with the name xSTDx anyway.  

The clan was created by JamieEcfc (xSTDx UNL3ASHED) and x MissBeckie x (xSTDx B3CK13), The original xSTDx line up consisted of JamieEcfc, x Miss Beckie x, GorvinTufc, WH1T3W1DOWAK47 with OriginalToker and Dub Jah F T S following not long after, Thus leaving the clan to be a mixed clan of former FTS and oTHTKo members.   

Within a few month xSTDx grew out of the FTS break-off clan tag and evolved into it's own and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. 

Read below to find out more about the Clans game division history on Farcry 2 and also the Modern Warfare 2 division.

Farcry 2 

Farcry 2 was the game which kick-started it all, It started with 4 original members JamieEcfc (xSTDx UNL3ASHED), x MissBeckie x (xSTDx B3CKI3), GorvinTufc (xSTDx GORViiNx) and WHITEW1DOWAK47.

xSTDx Originals 

The clans origins from its birth and early recruitment was mainly from FTS, xSTDx was created following a rift in the FTS clan causing FTS to disband and lead to xSTDx being born shortly after, xSTDx original recruitment consisted mainly of former FTS members with OriginalToker, DUB JAH F T S and BRAVEHEARTxxFLx (xCCx FREEDOM) joining within a week of xSTDx being created, We also formed an alliance with former FTS members who created the KMA clan in homage to their former FTS Clan leader.

xSTDx quickly put itself on the map by participating in the weekend tournaments, xSTDx's first taste of success was at the expense of our rivals, the reborn FTS, We had the luck of the draw and got the dream draw against Orpheus' clan and left with a strong victory of 7-0 on Capture the Diamond against them, Then drew future rivals xTWx in the second round, progressing once again. Our line up was JamieEcfc, ImSimplyJammerz, GorvinTufc, WHITEW1DOWAK47 and BRAVEHEARTxxFLx, We went on to reach the final but had lost via Team Deathmatch.

xSTDx Legacy 

During the end of 2009/early 2010 the clan received a major shake-up with the release of Modern Warfare 2 on to the market which started the demise of Farcry 2's popularity, This resulted in departures and revamped team with Co-Leader Beckie, OriginalToker and Dub Jah all leaving to Modern Warfare 2.

xSTDx soon formed an alliance with former rivals the OG clan, which had resulted in a co-joined clan called 'The Legacy', with an undeniably great 8 team roster featuring xSTDx UNL3ASHED, xSTDx GORViiNx, WH1TEWIDOWAK47 and xSTDx JAMMERZ making up the xSTDx's, OG Fortes and OG Velocity making up the OGs with xEaSy MoNeY and anti sniper 2 on board, The Legacy's total clan match record was 8-2. Losing only to the ExP clan and TsC via Team Deathmatch. 

The Legacy's greatest accomplishment would be defeating TsC 5-0 on Capture the Diamonds. 

xSTDx Independence 

Post The Legacy era of the clan saw the xSTDx back to its independence and flourishing on its own. xSTDx were undergoing a new reputation and grew more unpopular on Farcry 2, The recruitment process had began and xSTDx had players from rival clans xTWx (Reno, KAP and Patch) and FTS (Chewie) jump ship to xSTDx, We had also picked up Coma3Dims and NevadaAuge to add to a growing roster. 

xSTDx are predominantly a Caputre the Diamonds clan, xSTDx had played numerous clans and issued a number of challenges many of which were declined, xSTDx had been dominating and making clan match records in the process:  

 Result Map  Line Up: 
 xSTDx 23-0 xTHCx Motaba Creek (CTD) Unleashed. Whitey, Gorvin, Reno and Orpheus
 xSTDx 13-0 xTHCx Last Bastion (CTD) Unleashed. Whitey, Gorvin, Reno and Orpheus
 xSTDx 10-0 oCBK Last Bastion (CTD) Unleashed, Whitey, Chewie, ComaDims and Nevada
 xSTDx 9-1 xPTKx Love Shacks (CTD) Unleashed, Whitey, Chewie, ComaDims, Nevada and Reno
xSTDx Def.
TG Mania
(3 Minutes)
Rusty Beef (Uprising) Unleashed, Whitey, Chewie, Newman, Jammerz and JL11

xSTDx Retirement

After a year of mincing on Farcry 2 xSTDx had disbanded, this was due to the lack of challenges being accepted, having hand around 30 people feature for us.

xSTDx's final form finished with

xSTDx Coma3Dims
xSTDx Chewie

xSTDx Reforms

2011- xSTDx had reformed to play against former member Chewies selected team

First game: CTD - Last Bastion 0-2 (L)
Second game: CTD - Last Bastion 4-2 (W)

xSTDx Coma3Dims
xSTDx Bumbo (Bumbo186)
xSTDx M3N4NC3 (fifaleagueone)


The Legacy

The Legacy was a team made up of member of xSTDx and OG, Safe to be said Legacy were one of the most dominating teams on Farcry 2 destroying TsC 5-0 over 2 games on Capture the Diamand on a Fraggednation.com prove it match. 

3rd Place in the www.fraggednation.com Ladder  


Match 1 Vs ExP

Man of the Match - OG Fortes

Match 2 Vs TsC

Man of the Match - OG V3L0CITYx

Match 3 Vs TG - Mania

Man of the Match - xSTDx ComaDims

Match 4 Vs SuperEliteDeathNinjaForce

Man of the Match - xSTDx UNL3ASHED

Match 5 Vs TG - Nyanga

Man Of the Match - o ARMEGEDON87 o

Match 6 Vs TG - Mania

Man of the Match - xSTDx ComaDims

Match 7 Vs TRK

Man of the Match - OG V3L0CITYx

Match 8 Vs TsC (Unofficial)

Man of the Match - xSTDx UNL3ASHED


KMA: This Alliance was formed as these guys were the other Half of the FTS which split up and decided to form a alliance, the alliance disparted during a fall out between both Clan Leaders

Mercs: We formed this Alliance after all the STDs and Mercs were playing together in online Ranked matches and have since played One Mixed Alliance match Vs xSSx which was a draw, Alliance has recently disbanded

OG: Former Enemys and then formed a Alliance after both sharing the same feeling about xTWx that there clan is a joke, and 2 weeks later formed a Team on FraggedNation called the Legacy who finished 3rd in the Ladder.


xFTSx:  One of the earliest rivalrys xSTDx had was with FTS, this rivalry broke out because of a Falling out between both clans as STD was formed of Ex-FTS clan members, the rivalry was more heated when STD played there first match, the result of it was 7-0 to the STDs. 

OG: After a Ranked Match on Pit Bull were a lot of team killing was going on between Unleashed and WH1TEWIDOWAK47 on both the OGs it started from there, it ended when both clans started to realise what a joke of a clan xTWx were after banning to win, then later on went to create The Legacy.

xCCx: Rivalry started when Unleashed and Jammerz ruined Zeros Consecutive Wins when scoring a diamand in the last minute of a Ranked Match, Rivalry continued when Zero banned most of us STDs for being Better than both him and his clan.

xTWAx: After a Clan Match which xSTDx won 10-0 over two Games, There clan accused us of cheating and Lag Switching however there was only a Dislike between both Clans not a Rivalry as much.

xTWx: Another One of our rivalries xSTDx had was with xTWx, this rivalry broke out because of a heated Fraggednation.com ladder match Between both clans which xTWx requested a forfeit for playing One Unregistered player since then the Rivalry has grown but as of much faded of and could well be put to bed. 

xHPKx: Probably xSTDx's biggest rivals were both clans went through a spell of joining each others party which xHPKx regretted each time and had to leave the party because they couldn't handle the pressure.

Modern Warfare 2 

The Modern Warfare 2 division began some time in december 2009, after the games increase in popularity, it was decided to move forward as a clan we had to move into this game, and xSTDx Jammerz was appointed as the leader of the division, with xSTDx MUCK3RZz as division co-leader. After deciding the division would be made, recruiting immediately begun, with our first notable recruitments being xSTDx iCLuTCh, xSTDx iRusH, after we got a decent team + amount of players, we started competing in tournaments, of which we eventually won 1!

We then put the team on fraggednation, and started actively competing in ladders on fraggednation.com, we have found many members through fraggednation, a few examples are craigm22, DonSebas, we now have over 15 members in the team, and were getting better as time goes by.

We now have people every day wanting to join, but we are currently not taking in any more members, as at the moment, I feel we have a great bunch of guys, who will always play for the team, and try their hardest, I have confidence they will do STD proud on various leagues/tournaments

 The Modern Warfare 2 division has since been retired.